I am committed to creating sustainable wellness. I am patient-centered and focus on keeping my patients active and healthy. My treatment strategies take an integrative approach by focusing on a holistic way of life. Each treatment, though individualized, will address injuries, lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition.  I specialize in a variety of non invasive modalities such as Biomechanical assessment,  Active Release Technique, Chiropractic, and Nutrition.

As an athlete I have suffered many injuries and sought out treatment throughout my life. The treatments rendered were mostly the same, in that they were addressing my symptoms and pain as emergency care. The result yielding in reoccurring symptoms and pains that worsened over time.

At the age of 17 I started my journey in active recovery. Through research, schooling and "alternative" treatments I was able to be as active as I wanted without fear of injury. It was not just about becoming strong but becoming smart enough to handle it all.  

Being as active as I am and using my own body as research has given me true insight in the movement of the human body. I practice with the intention of looking at each patient as a whole creating a more stable environment for their bodies.


Dr Keren Day is currently Working at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center In Manhattan, NY.

32 W 22nd Street

New York, NY