In addition her flourishing practice, Dr Keren Day is one of the founders and CIO of RACKED STRETCH.

The Racked Method was designed with a deep understanding of how the body works, how different muscle groups and joints work together (or not), and how to use the brain body connection in our favor. By starting with this foundation we are able to provide an experience that addresses what we know are typical ailments of different activities while also taking your specific needs into account. Our core stretches are designed to counteract the effects of common activities, allowing you to do more of them both now and in the future.

Every aspect of Racked was designed to fit into the crazy lives we all lead today. We burn the candle at both ends, working hard, playing harder and striving to be good people to those around us. With so many choices on how to spend our ‘free’ time we don’t want to squander it on things that don’t deliver. Racked was built to be efficient, effective and expertly implemented, giving you all the benefits of a much longer stretch in as little as 20 minutes so you can be in, out and back in your life before anyone realized you were missing. 

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