Making the Connection: Understanding Injuries

Many Healthcare providers as well as patients tend to view physical injuries as the result of the symptoms they can see or feel. Understandably they want to treat the pain. Too often they do not understand the consequences of our bodies being a functional unit.  An injury to a specific area of the body can and often will create changes that alters the biomechanics of the body, the way the body moves itself.

Making the Connection: Sleep and Injuries

When we’re sick or injured, we all know that getting plenty of rest is important. This is because during sleep your muscles and soft tissues heal and scar tissue develops. Scar tissue is the dense fiber that the body creates to repair injuries, whether it’s a sudden injury or a chronic injury that develops over time.

Making the Connection: Upper Extremity Pain and Neck Injury

Over the past few years there has been an increase in technological gadgets that have broadened the communication realm. These consistent new developments have, created the option for anyone to work from anywhere at anytime. With these advancements there has also, “coincidentally”, come an increase in repetitive stress injuries sustained in the neck and upper extremities as seen in my practice.